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A still image compilation highlighting the best parts of a property

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Still Image Tour

Attempting to showcase a property’s grandeur never does the architecture justice, which is why an immaculate still image tour is the next best thing in town!
As simple as it might seem, still, images are able to utilize several different angles, helping capture the beauty held within the eye of the beholder. So, provide your potential investors with the nuisance of viewing a 10-minute-long video, and provide them with a still image tour instead!

Elevating Basic Photography

Elevating Basic Photography

Our visual artists at Benchmark Studios have extensive experience in developing and honing all the pre-existing features of your property through their photography. This is done by directing the audience’s focus onto one feature, and that feature alone. Not only does this highlight the prominent features, but it also helps shroud any potential weak links of the property. Furthermore, once the pictures have been captured, they can be hoarded, helping deliver a short visual trip of the property to the viewer!

What Makes Our Still image Tours Different?

Despite our basic source entirely relying upon the collection of captured photos, the slideshow does not have to be simple! Our team of graphic designers at Benchmark Studios keeps a keen lookout for utilizing the perfect image effects, transitions as well as music in your high-resolution beautiful pictures. Added to that, our fast turnaround rate helps to make the best of your time especially when you’re on a tight schedule. Time is of the essence when you’re running a hefty business!

What Makes Our Still image Tours Different?
Why Choose Benchmark Studios?

Why Choose Benchmark Studios?

Our team at Benchmark Studios utilizes their distinctive approach and delivers their customers with products they’d be satisfied with. This ranges from selecting the perfect pictures from a wide database to using serene music to accompany the compiled slideshow. So, visit Benchmark Studios today, and let us welcome you!

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