2D Black & White
and Color Floor Plans

2D Black & White and even coloured Floor Plans offer better orientation of the view

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2D Black & White & Coloured Floor Plans

Basic, yet very effective! Also known as classic or traditional floor plans, 2D Black & White or Coloured Floor Plans are not just popular but the most effective tool as well for presenting your property’s layout, dimensions, size, and furniture configuration. These plans are usually referred to as maps to show how a building’s spaces are laid out.

Why 2D Floor Plans Stand Out?

Why 2D Floor Plans Stand Out?

Properties with only pictures gain less interest. 2D Black & White and even coloured Floor Plans offer better orientation of the view from above downwards, giving you the perfect imaginative guide to the layout of your property. When combined with interior and exterior photography this can give your viewers all the information they need before they visit the property.

Unbeatable Price, Fast Turnaround Time

2D black & white floor plans, as the name suggests, are drawn in black and white. These are quite affordable and can be quickly delivered. The dimensions are drawn with scale, which is why they are a preferred choice for new construction projects. As a value-added benefit, these can be used in real estate marketing along with real images or 3D plans. Coloured Floor plans, on the other hand is a 2D representation of a building with a set of fixed colours for flooring materials and floor areas. When it comes to coloured floor plans, the choices are infinite with regards to colour schemes and themes. They are comparatively faster to make than 3D floor plans.

Unbeatable Price, Fast Turnaround Time
Uses of 2D Floor Plans

Uses of 2D Floor Plans

2D floor plans are generally used in new construction projects because contractors use them as a blueprint of the building. This blueprint helps to ascertain the best possible division of the available space. Through these 2D floor plans, it is easy to allocate each room in the house and decide what furniture goes in the rooms.

Why Choose Benchmark Studio for Your 2D Floor Plans?

  • No compromise on quality
  • Time is money
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Revisions offered
Why Choose Benchmark Studio for Your 2D Floor Plans?

Besides the representation of the space,

2D floor plans can also be used for home buyers and probable tenants to ascertain how the house will accommodate all their belongings. Although these are not designed at a better scale, they always help to visualize the space. Moreover, the benefits these present to the real estate agents, brokers and realtors are beyond the value.


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