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Lease Plans depict an accurate drawing depicting the leasehold demise within both residential and commercial properties

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What is a Land Registry Lease Plan?

A land registry lease plan depicts an accurate drawing, identifying the leasehold demise within a property whether it is residential or commercial. These plans are a requirement for any property given on lease for a period that exceeds seven years.

What is a Land Registry Lease Plan?
What do the Lease Plans include?

What do the Lease Plans include?

A lease plan formed by Benchmark Studios includes a detailed and scaled floor plan of the property, this includes any shared or common parts which affect the property, as well as its access to it. The demise of the property is clearly separated with a red color, whereas any shared areas are highlighted in green. Clearly separating any demised premises is important since it identifies premises that have been transferred through lease, as compared to any retained parts. Added to that, it makes identifying the physical extent as well as the location of the property in relation to the surrounding areas as well.

Compliant and Ready to Use Lease Plans Every Time

Making sure that our Land Registry Lease Plans are always compliant, we strictly follow the guidelines released by the land registry. This means that our Lease Plans clearly indicate their orientations and are drawn to the scales of 1/1250 – 1/500 for any urban property, whereas a scale of 1/2500 is followed for a rural property. Contact Benchmark Studios today to discuss any queries and we will provide you with a great price on your lease plan.

Compliant and Ready to Use Lease Plans Every Time


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