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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Finding an easy way out, that costs less but does not lag upon the quality of the final product, is always the preferred option, rarely ever available. However, Benchmark Studios is offering to construct a perfectly accurate Building Information Model for you!
Offer your clients, or constructors an accurate digital representation of the construction to be presented forward. This makes it easier for them to understand both the design and the reasoning carried beneath a decision!
BIM services allow built environment industry professionals to thrive by providing them with the option of utilizing a shared project base, which can be used to share or create information. Its usefulness is reflected by the advantage it provides to architects, engineers and constructors by helping identify any possible design, construction, or operational issues present in the building. Lastly, it also helps the clients understand design and engineering choices by providing them with a visual stimulus.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Increased coordination, improved collaboration

Increased coordination, improved collaboration

BIM’s inherent ability to coordinate multiple types of information is crucial within the industry when driving up expectations within the industry. With our collaborative BIM models, the nuisance of misinformation is removed by allowing designers and engineers to work together, from anywhere, anytime! Such options are rarely available and can make working on international projects a lot harder, unless you opt for Benchmark Studios’ BIM services!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • A 3-D model of a building generated using object-oriented (intelligent) modelling software serves as the foundation for BIM, a tool for the construction of buildings. Once the model is made, it can be utilized as a tool for communication as well as for duties related to design, building, and operation.

  • The majority of contractors will likely begin adopting BIM in "partial applications." The list of BIM's limited applications seems to go on forever. The list appears to be expanding constantly for contractors who currently use BIM.

  • BIM implementation can be costly, however bear in mind the significant cost (and hassle) reductions brought on by its utilisation. Not to mention the flood of clients who will soon see the bottom-line advantages to them, which will push BIM capabilities to the forefront of selection criteria for both designers and builders in the near future.

  • Training via a BIM consultant, software guides, a fellow employee, or a recognized training facility.

  • Since BIM calls for greater collaboration, the conventional top-down organizational chart is ineffective. Old habits are hard to break, therefore this becomes a barrier.

  • The term "5-D" refers to all of the current BIM dimensions, where the third dimension is thought of as space, the fourth as time, and the fifth as cost. The reference will be updated in the future to incorporate 6-D (procurement applications) and 7-D (operational applications).

  • Some of the important uses of BIM are Visualization

    • Scope Clarification
    • Partial Trade Coordination
    • Collision Detection/Avoidance
    • Marketing Presentations
    • Options Analysis
    • Walk-throughs and Fly-throughs
    • Virtual Mock-Ups
    • Sight Line Studies

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